"Covid 19" pendant in 750/00 yellow gold handmade with rubies "the stone of life and emeralds as a sign of hope. Jewel made by M ° Luigi Valentin - Valentini Gioielli srl, Giulianova (TE).

The innate passion for the goldsmith's art and the love for jewels have pushed Luigi Valentini into the magical world of jewelry for over 30 years.

The valentini Gioielli based in Giulianova has been able to conquer prestigious positions over time thanks to the quality of its production, followed entirely in each phase and cared for in every detail, in a skilful balance of craftsmanship, and attention to fashion trends.

The collections of Valentini Gioielli, unique pieces, handmade, only for those who can appreciate and wear small works of art. In the wake of the great success, now nationally renowned, he signed the jewelry design worn by the most admired Top Models.



Processing: Entirely handmade product

Materials: 750/00 yellow gold, rubies and emeralds;

Dimensions: Ø Cm 1.3 - Chain Cm 35.5;

Weight: 5g


Reproducible in 40 working days


The real article may differ from photography in some details, because it is the result of the craftsman's manual work.


  1. Price:
  2. Price:
  3. Buckle brooch
    €1,048.50 Buckle brooch
  4. Treble Clef Brooch
    €699.00 Treble Clef Brooch
  5. Branch Brooch
    €640.00 Branch Brooch
  6. Moonlight brooch
    €875.00 Moonlight brooch
  7. Brooch M
    €349.50 Brooch M
  8. Brooch S
    €233.00 Brooch S
  9. Larg pin L
    €990.00 Larg pin L


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