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Unisex brooch (or ring) consisting of a "Doll's house saucer", mounted on a support suitable for the use of the jewel.


Microtypical, stories of jewels made with the (small) dishes of the heart… Microtypical foods are simple dishes, of the local tradition, linked to ancient customs. They are better known foods, the popular ones. Those that are probably not celebrated in famous cookbooks, but which have always been the favorites of the people who live in those territories.


The tradition and culture of these dishes gave rise to the Abruzzese studio Arago Design (Pescara) for its Microtipici tasty italian jewelry project. A project between design, jewelery and gastronomy



Processing: Application of ceramic decal and third fire firing.


Materials: Porcelain edged in 24 carat gold, application of ceramic decal and third fire firing


Dimensions (single ring / brooch): Ø 3 cm


Weight (single ring / brooch): 6g



Reproducible in 7 working days


The real article may differ from the photograph in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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