"Amorino" pendant
  • "Amorino" pendant
  • "Amorino" pendant
  • "Amorino" pendant
  • "Amorino" pendant

"Amorino" pendant

"Amorino" pendant brooch full of spiritual strength, strengthens the love of the spouses. Made by the master goldsmith "Nunziato Di Rienzo" of Scanno (Aq)

The jewel was made by one of the historic goldsmith shops "Di Rienzo" which since 1850 preserves and carries out the processing of traditional jewels typical of the city of Scanno.

The ingenious inventiveness of the Di Rienzo family over the years leads her to rework the ancient models following an innovative design, such as the accessories of the ancient Scannese costume which, especially after the war, become captivating and original jewels.



Processing: Originally cuttlefish bone, then precision casting.

Materials: 800/00 silver;

Dimensions: Cm 4 x 6 h


Weight: 12 g


Reproducible in 30 working days.


The real article may differ from photography in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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