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Applique Dragonfly


Luminous wall sculpture made from a single block of limestone from Valle d'Itria (Puglia), mined, worked and polished entirely by hand using traditional custom tools. Lighting led strip embedded in the stone.

Wall lamp with a harmonious and essential line,
ideal for lighting large walls on which suggestive, clean and extremely functional lighting effects are projected.
The stone shape is attached to a steel bracket.
It is a sculpture in which the stone is celebrated for its whiteness and its hardness, addressing the theme of the permanence of classical forms in modernity. Fruit of a design that evolves only in the mind of the author, according to what the stone suggests to him through its peculiarities.
Electrical system with led strips embedded in the stone.

Materials: limestone and steel;
Dimensions: 40 cm x 6,5 cm x 28 cm;
Weight: 4,9 Kg.

Can be made within in a week, with the differences due to manual processing and the characteristics of the raw material. Possibility to hang it at the ceiling with a cable.


  1. Cuore Paris
    €433.00 Cuore Paris
  2. Monaco big
    €525.00 Monaco big
  3. Monaco pair
    €933.00 Monaco pair


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