Arrosticini Holder
  • Arrosticini Holder
  • Arrosticini Holder
  • Arrosticini Holder

Arrosticini Holder

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Arrosticini (lamb skewers) holder shaped like a paper cornet, handmade and decorated in three different styles: Fioraccio, Rose strip and Terracotta.

Ceramic arrosticini holder handmade with traditionals methods. Paper cornet holder is excellent for serving and keep warm arrosticini before being consumed. Ideal for arrosticini abruzzesi, but suitable for holding any kind of skewers.
The Arrosticini holder is made from materials suitable for food use and can be washed in the dishwasher. It contains about 15/20 skewers.

Materials: ceramica
Dimensions: 15cm/5,9in x 28,5cm/11,2in x 14,5cm/5,7in
Weight: 850gr/30oz

Reproducible in 10/15 days.
Every reproduction is different from the previous one because it is the result of artisan handiwork.


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