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Bag Laura

Each item is a unique piece, eco-friendly, innovative and lightweight thanks to the 3 mm thickness of the wood veneer. The roundness arise from a special paste of the multilayer wood. Coating in lacquer, oil or wax.

The beautiful wood grains are highlighted by the black background.

Here we propose the version with silver snap closure and chrome chain. Or you can choose to have the closure with lace. Embawo only uses certified wood.

Entirely made by hand in Italy.

Materials: Wood and leather (apple, olive, rosewood, walnut)

Dimensions: 11 cm height (4.33 iches) x 25,5 cm width (10.04 inches) x 3 cm depth (1.18 inches)

Weight: 0.4 kg (0.88 lb)

Reproducible* in 15 days from the request in different colors and small modifications.

*The reproduction will never be the same because result of manual labor and material recovery, small parts may vary.


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