Bow Tie Old School azure
  • Bow Tie Old School azure
  • Bow Tie Old School azure
  • Bow Tie Old School azure
  • Bow Tie Old School azure

Bow Tie Old School azure

Handmade ceramic bow tie with Old School decor on azure background.

Bow tie design is a clear example of how new generations of artisans want to keep up with a rapidly evolving creative world.

Ceramic bow ties, elegant fashion accessories, are suitable for the most varied occasions and guarantee a fresh and young look for both man and woman. The fantasy of the "Old School" decor is inspired by one of the oldest Western tattoo styles. In the decoration we have chosen to represent the symbols of the Old School, namely swallows, dices, crosses, arrows, etc. The arrangement of the elements on opposite sides of the papillon is mirrored and in the center there is a star, typical element of "old school" tattoos, a symbol of driving and protection. The application of the decor was done with the digital printing technique on ceramic, which makes the image indelible.

At the time of purchase, a Certificate of Warranty will be enclosed in the box to prove the craftsmanship of 100% Made in Italy.

Box is sold separately.

Materials: ceramic.


  • Evo: 11x4,4 cm (4.3x1.7 in), thickness 0,6cm (0.24in)
  • Romantic:9,7x5 cm (3.8x2 in), thickness 0,6cm (0.24in)


Every bow tie comes with a warranty certificate that guarantee that it is entirely made by hand in Italy.


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