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Reproduction of an antique brass cannon with relief decorations. Wheels rotate and are completely dismountable - Artistic craftsmanship.

This brass reproduction of a cannon is a particular piece of furniture designed to beautify the house. Dedicated to those looking for something with an ancient taste. Every single piece has been handcrafted, performing the most accurate processing and finishing. It represents the true Italian craftsmanship. Imagine how it could be in your garden or in another environment in your home. A true work of art.

Materials: brass, satin or antiqued (green, polished or burnished);

Dimensions: 55 x 25 x 21 cm;

Weight: 13 kg circa (28.7 oz).


Article reproducible in 45 days, with the differences due to manual processing. It is possible to customize the article in the form, in the finish, or adding incisions or other: contact us to agree on the type of customization and a possible surcharge.


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