Ceramic Brush "The Hug"
  • Ceramic Brush "The Hug"
  • Ceramic Brush "The Hug"
  • Ceramic Brush "The Hug"

Ceramic Brush "The Hug"

Klimt “Hug” on a ceramic Panel with frame in opaque Glass. The Frame is realized with the etched technic and decorated with varnish Paints, coloured “ingobbi” and applications in “golden Leaf”.
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“The magical Land” has been working on a new Project for couple of Years, the Project's Title is “from Canvas to Clay” and it is the movement on ceramic of some of the main symbolic Works of the Artist from Vienna Gustav klimt. A collection of Works inspired to the great Painter, entirely hand-made.

The Greatness of these Works is due to the fact that they represent a real trasposition and reinterpretation of Canvas through the ancient art of Ceramic. Result of a careful and continuous Research, the Project's Aim is to let the Observer experience again new Emotions through the attention to decorative Details, Chromatism and the simple stroke sliced on Clay.

This Porject aims to give to the Observer a new Attention for the intense expressive Speech of an Artist who has already been long reproduced and deprived of its most intimate and unique Essence.

Materials: Ceramic majolica, support with opaque glass

Weight: 400g

Dimensions: 46 x 16 cm

Item rproducible in 20 days with possibility of customization



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