Cherry choker
  • Cherry choker
  • Cherry choker
  • Cherry choker

Cherry choker

Elegant rigid choker with cartoceramic cherries.

Rigid crewneck with minimal lines with cherries, which perfectly embraces the philosophy of "Less is more", "Less is more", by the famous architect Mies Van der Rohe: Clean metallic lines that move sinuously and then embrace two juicy cherries with contours organic.


An elegant necklace that is part of the Cornucopia collection, characterized by fruit and vegetables seen from an original, ironic and colorful perspective.


The cherries are made of cartoceramic, a material that is environmentally friendly as it is made of recycled paper and industrial waste ceramic powder, which is hand painted and protected by a layer of transparent resin that makes it water resistant.


The final result is similar to that of ceramic, but much lighter and more resistant!


As it is made individually by hand, each jewel will be a unique piece.



Processing: artisanal;


Materials: Rhodium-plated brass, paper, ceramic powder, acrylics, resin;


Dimensions: 13 x 17 x 1 cm;


Weight: 15 g



Reproducible in about 3 days.

The purchased item may differ from the photograph in some small details because it is the result of manual work.


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