Chieti, San Giustino
  • Chieti, San Giustino
  • Chieti, San Giustino
  • Chieti, San Giustino

Chieti, San Giustino

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Pendant jewel inspired by the rose window of Chieti, San Giustino

Jewel of the Rosoni d'Italia collection, inspired by Italian Cathedrals. Made entirely of 925 silver (and colored glazes for the enamelled versions).


Available in three diameters: 22-25mm the small ones, 30-33mm the middle ones, and 40-42mm for the large ones.


Rosoni d'Italia guarantees that this jewel is handmade of silver (925/1000) and is produced entirely in Italy. In addition, everything related to the packaging, advertising and exhibition material of Rosoni d'Italia jewels is rigorously made in Italy at local artisan workshops.


Every jewel comes with a certificate of guarantee certifying the type of metal (18 Kt gold or 925 silver) with the historical description of the rose window in both Italian and English. All jewels are complete with case and shopper.

Materials: sterling silver.

Diameter size Ø: 22-25mm (small), 30-33mm (medium), 40-42mm (big).


Reproducible within 15 days. Being a handmade object, the real one may differ from the one in the picture for some small details.


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