Ciondoli Presentosa Ø Cm 3
  • Ciondoli Presentosa Ø Cm 3
  • Ciondoli Presentosa Ø Cm 3
  • Ciondoli Presentosa Ø Cm 3

Ciondoli Presentosa Ø Cm 3

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Presentosa pendant in silver with added enamels made and reinterpreted by the goldsmith company Oromania Gioielli of the master goldsmiths Mario Marroncelli and Simona Pili of Pescara.

In 1894 D'Annunzio described the 'presentosa' in The Triumph of Death, making this exquisite jewel known outside the borders of the region.


Almost certainly of eighteenth-century origins, it appears for the first time among the possessions of a bride at the beginning of the nineteenth century and then spreads to the Abruzzo hinterland where the tradition of accompanying the most important moments with the gift of the 'presentosa' is consolidated.


The basic model is a gold or silver filigree pendant, with triangles arranged in a round with the tip outwards to draw a star; at the center of the circle that is formed there is a symbol that changes and gives meaning to the jewel.


The heart is the fundamental symbol with many variations. Two hearts tied by a ribbon is the promise of love and is given to the girlfriend.


In addition to the traditional pendant, the presentosa has also been adapted and reinterpreted for the creation of beautiful bracelets, rings and earrings.



Processing: Handcrafted with the filigree technique.


Materials: 925 rhodium-plated silver, freshwater pearls, enamel;


Dimensions: presentosa Ø 1.8 cm


Weight: 4g



Reproducible in 15 working days


The real article may differ from the photograph in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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