Diffuser: Perpetual Styria
  • Diffuser: Perpetual Styria
  • Diffuser: Perpetual Styria
  • Diffuser: Perpetual Styria

Diffuser: Perpetual Styria

“Floral” decorative element to be placed in a vase, usable as a diffuser of essential oils. Made by the Abruzzese Arago Design studio in Pescara

Perpetual Styria, home decoration in ceramic and ash wood made by Arago Design (Pescara) “… this is not an icicle, it is a perpetual Styria, a macrocetus epigeal clavariaceus mushroom, belonging to the bankeraceae family.


It is native to the eastern Majella, where it is not uncommon to meet it in the shade of beech forests, but thanks to its adaptability, it can also be seen sprouting among the ammophila arenaria bushes, a few meters from the Adriatic shore, on the southern coast. Abruzzo.


Thanks to the favorable winds that carry its spores beyond the Apennines and beyond the sea, perpetual Styria is now widespread in all temperate areas.


In these places, it is sufficient for the thermometer to rise above 25 ° C, which can be seen everywhere. " Perpetual Styria is a new flower / mushroom memory of the ice toy, which emerges from the earth, a metaphor for our skin, and sprouts from our skin as if it were the solidified projection of our most beautiful memories.


Perpetual Styria, like the Schizosphere, or the ceramic neoles, becomes the fulfillment of a man's desire: to be able to touch dreams and take them with him, as traveling companions.



Processing: Casting of glazed earthenware using colored crystallines;


Materials: Glazed earthenware and ash wood;


Dimensions: 4 x 3 x 30 cm


Weight: 150g


Reproducible in 7 working days.

The real article may differ from the photograph in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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