Doctor Statuette / customizable
  • Doctor Statuette / customizable
  • Doctor Statuette / customizable
  • Doctor Statuette / customizable

Doctor Statuette / customizable

Small statue of 30cm entirely handmade in Lecce papier-mâché with head, hands and feet, in terracotta, according to the most classic Lecce tradition. Can be made to measure, by sending the photograph of the person to be represented.

Lecce papier-mâché sculpture, depicting a lawyer in several variations, a young lawyer, an elderly civilian, criminal lawyer, public prosecutor ...

Alongside the more classic sacred subjects, such as the bust of Jesus or the Madonna with Child, the master Claudio Riso also offers a vast collection of profane subjects, ranging from humble trades such as the farmer or the fisherman, to the collection of professions born to represent the most modern and current professions, as a good omen or the conclusion of a brilliant career.

All the statues of the Professionals collection can also be made on request with the likeness of the person who will receive the statue. Through a photograph of the subject, in fact, it will be possible to personalize the work by finishing it with clothes, physical shape and face similar to the photo sent. A wonderful idea for those who want to pay homage to a professional to thank him, to celebrate retirement or more simply to give a thought that is certainly much appreciated.

Material: Terracotta (earthenware) and Papier-mache 


Approximate dimensions: 30 x 18 x 14 cm / 12 x 7.5 x 6 inches


Weight: 400 g / 1 lbs


Single piece reproducible in 30 days, never identical.



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