Dress "The Opposite"
  • Dress "The Opposite"
  • Dress "The Opposite"
  • Dress "The Opposite"

Dress "The Opposite"

Hand-painted silk satin dress, serti technique with writing.

Lightly flared sheath dress, great fit, 100% silk satin, lined, painted for the "The Opposite" collective traveling exhibition.

The dress shows on the front two profiles, masculine and feminine, that look at each other, inside a heart, while on the back we find the same profiles turning their backs with a broken heart, then we find the male and female opposites and love and hatred.

"Without the experience of the opposites there can not be the experience of totality"


Single piece size 46


Length cm 96 width of the breast 46 width of the sides 110

Materials: 100% silk satin slightly stretchable / polyester lining;
Size available: 46

Not reproducible, single piece.


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