Faustina Chocolate Mug (white)
  • Faustina Chocolate Mug (white)
  • Faustina Chocolate Mug (white)
  • Faustina Chocolate Mug (white)
  • Faustina Chocolate Mug (white)
  • Faustina Chocolate Mug (white)
  • Faustina Chocolate Mug (white)

Faustina Chocolate Mug (white)

Chocolate cup and plate. White glazed ceramic. Le Cichere® Collection. Design by Antonio Antinucci and Giancarla Eleuterio. Produced by Ceramiche Simoneti Castelli.

Faustina is a ceramic design object dedicated to chocolate tasting, winner of the MIDEC 2019 first prize for ceramic design.


It is characterized in an original way by the effect of the liquid which, when poured into the cup, surprisingly draws the stylized profile of a female face.



Faustina is the result of a project to reinterpret the shapes and decorations of the ceramic tradition of Castelli, an ancient and charming village in Abruzzo, important for the tradition of over five centuries of ceramic art.



It draws inspiration from the classic iconography of Renaissance majolica: the shape of her face shapes the material by reproducing the exact profile of a woman decorated on a 16th century apothecary jar.



Another important reference is that of the style of the "chicchere", the eighteenth-century cups of Castellana production intended for the tasting of exotic drinks: coffee, chocolate and sorbets.



The design, modeling and prototyping phases are followed by the skilful work of the ceramic craftsman who is dedicated to the manual creation of each individual object.



Cup and plate are supplied in an exclusive Le Cichere® packaging, elegant, protective and eco-sustainable. Certificate of origin and authenticity.



Processing: Handcrafted with high temperature cooking;


Materials: Gres and white enamel;


Dimensions: cup Ø 11 cm - h 8 cm; plate Ø 19.5 cm - h 1.5;


Weight: cup 250g; plate 400 g



Reproducible in about 30 days.


The real article may differ from the photograph in some details and in the pictorial decoration because it is the result of manual work.



Design by Giancarla Eleuterio and Antonio Antinucci.


Produced by Simonetti® Ceramiche Artistiche di Castelli. Le Cichere and Faustina are trademarks and patents owned by Eleuterio Antinucci.


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