Gastone coat hanger
  • Gastone coat hanger
  • Gastone coat hanger
  • Gastone coat hanger

Gastone coat hanger

Chamber hanger. Made entirely of birch wood and decorated with high quality enamels, all strictly handmade.

Gastone, as it is called, is part of a new generation of room design hanger - practical and elegant.


Unmistakable style and clean lines mean that our clothes hanger is a true gentleman at your service.


150 cm high by 44 in width, it is entirely made of high quality wood, so that it can remain with you forever (you can also request a base with wheels).


ArturDesign is always looking for new lines and ideas to furnish with style and originality.
No more mess in the bedroom! Everything will be in place with our Gaston.


Empty pockets, trouser rod, shirt hanger and an ergonomic shape for your beloved jackets. What can I say ... unique! Choose the color and welcome Gastone in your home.

Materials: wood;
Dimensions: 154 x 44 x 34 cm;
Weight: 10 Kg.

Reproducible within 28 days. Every new item will always have some slight differencies due to the manual work. Can be customized in colors, send us an email for more info.



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