Gift voucher 25€

Gift voucher 25€

€47.50 (-5%)
Don't know what to choose and are you afraid of giving uninteresting gifts? offers you the opportunity to acquire vouchers valid on more than 1,000 100% made in Italy handcrafted items. For you immediately a 5% discount on the value.

In such a difficult time for our economy, buying 100% made in Italy handcrafted products is the greatest help we can all give and give ourselves.


The vouchers offer the opportunity to help our artisans, leaving a wide choice of over 1,000 handcrafted items of different types and invoices. Furthermore, the purchase of vouchers allows you to save 5% of the value of the voucher.


Indications and operation of the voucher:


The voucher can be purchased online on as well as for handcrafted items on the eShop. At the time of purchase, it will be registered and associated with a discount code equal to the value of the voucher.


This code, which can be used only once, will be sent to the buyer of the voucher or, upon request, directly to the recipient who can spend it for the full value of one or more handcrafted items or use it as a discount on the value of the object if this is higher. to that of the good.


The duration of the voucher is 365 days, cannot be reused and offers a value equal to its face value.


  1. Price:
    €23.75 (-5%)
  2. Price:
    €95.00 (-5%)
  3. Price:
    €142.50 (-5%)
  4. Price:
    €190.00 (-5%)
  5. Price:
    €285.00 (-5%)
  6. Price:
    €475.00 (-5%)


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