Holy Spirit Ring
  • Holy Spirit Ring
  • Holy Spirit Ring
  • Holy Spirit Ring
  • Holy Spirit Ring
  • Holy Spirit Ring

Holy Spirit Ring

Rose gold pendant with sapphire cabochon set. Jewel made in the historic goldsmiths shop Roll 1884 of Scanno (AQ).

The jewel was made in the historic Orafi Rotolo 1884 workshop in Scanno (AQ).

The goldsmith craftsman Francesco Rotolo continues to express himself in the laboratory, who designs and manufactures his creations, constantly renewing himself, giving birth to unique pieces or small series, new lines and jewels that are characterized by their design and by the attention paid to the most small technical details, to the meticulous choice of raw materials, to the originality of the forms, concretizing also the most varied ideas, designs and models of the customers.

Over the years the artisan goldsmith workshop has always had respect for "quality", an important factor that makes authentic goldsmith's art precious.




Tunnel and padding or overhang with shiny parts engraved and finished with the burin and others finished with the "knurling".

Materials: 750/000 yellow gold and cabochon sapphire 0.90 kt;

Dimensions: Ø 3.6 cm


Weight: g 8


Single piece - Not reproducible


The real article may differ from photography in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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