Hygien Hand: éDito
  • Hygien Hand: éDito
  • Hygien Hand: éDito
  • Hygien Hand: éDito
  • Hygien Hand: éDito
  • Hygien Hand: éDito
  • Hygien Hand: éDito

Hygien Hand: éDito

from €8.50
èDito is the rubber key ring that helps you to ensure hygiene from your hand. You can use it to press all sorts of buttons: ATMs, elevator buttons, switches, as well as opening doors and doors in total safety!

What do a young engineer and a dynamic artisan workshop do together?


Simple, they give vent to creativity! And from the synergy of their minds and their hands, èDito was born!


What is this?


It is a keyring to protect the contacts that you can always carry with you and that will be essential to survive in these "fatal days of a sad year"!



èDito will help you press all types of buttons: ATMs, switches, elevator buttons, as well as opening the doors and doors of cars, in total safety!


With its rubber body, soft and resistant, you won't have to worry about damaging anything! You can also clean and disinfect it whenever you want in a few seconds even with a disinfectant wipe.








Are you afraid of touching dirty surfaces? èDito does it for you!

Avoid unnecessary contact with dirty surfaces or easy public contact. Don't put your finger on it, put èDito! ☝️

Dimensions: 6x4x1 cm Weight: 25 gr

Materials: Silicone resin (steel ring and plastic carabiner)


Size: 6 x 4 x 1 cm


Weight: 25 g


Watch out for convenience


èDito   Single    € 8.50 (8.50 each)
èDito   Pair       € 15.00 (7.50 each)
èDito   Tris        € 19.98 (6.66 each)
èDito   5 Pieces € 30.00 (6.00 each)


Caution!! The keyring intended as a ring, chain and carabiner, may undergo small variations. Not the rubber part that will always be as in the photo. (The customer will still be notified in case of changes)



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