Interweaving Plate (One Piece)
  • Interweaving Plate (One Piece)
  • Interweaving Plate (One Piece)
  • Interweaving Plate (One Piece)

Interweaving Plate (One Piece)

Wall plate, with traditional landscape decoration. The Artifact was created by the Ceramiche d’Arte Liberati - Villamagna (CH)

The product was created by the Liberati Ceramiche d'Arte company which was born in 1980 in Villamagna (province of Chieti- Abruzzo), and boasts a very varied production that ranges from a single piece to a standard product, tradition and innovation go hand in hand, with the goal of always achieving the highest quality in all objects produced.

The more traditional production, made not only with refined technical execution and with particular study of form, color and decoration, is affected by the best regional tradition, the other more creative and personal comes from the belief that research must have a primary role because even ceramics must open up to the time in which it operates.



Processing: Hand-forged clay, fired at high temperatures and subsequently hand-painted

Materials: Ceramic (Clay and Enamels);

Dimensions: Ø 33 cm - h 14 cm

Weight: approx. 5 kg

SINGLE PIECE Not reproducible


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