Leather Mamuthones mask 02
  • Leather Mamuthones mask 02
  • Leather Mamuthones mask 02
  • Leather Mamuthones mask 02
  • Leather Mamuthones mask 02

Leather Mamuthones mask 02

Traditional mask from the carnival of Mamoiada (Barbagia, central Sardinia). Handmade leather.

Traditional masks of central Sardinia (Barbagia) handmade with leather. Of various shapes, with non-toxic water-based colors

Mamuthones are, together with Issohadores, the typical masks of the carnival of Mamoiada (Sardinia). These two figures are distinguished by their clothes and the way they move inside the procession: the Mamuthones proceed tired and silent, while Issohadores dress colorfully and give movement to the procession. 

The facemask of mamuthone (visera) is black, secured to the face by straps of leather and surrounded by a handkerchief of women's fashion. The body of mamuthone is covered with black sheepskins (mastruca), while on the back are arranged a series of bells (carriga).

Leather masks:
to construct a mask, different materials are used. The leather, unlike others, undergoes the passage from the animal world to the inorganic world, but nevertheless continues to live.
The mask comes from ancient rituals, from rites of fertility and purification from evil. In every renewal party, the cycle of rituals can only begin with the elimination of the old. The leather belonged to an animal that, sacrificing itself, reincarnates in a mask.

The mask, in symbiosis with an actor-body, will rise again.

Materials: leather.

Measures: 15 x 30 x 28 cm / 5.9 x 11.8 x 11 inches

Weight: 300 g / 11 oz

Reproducible within three days. Every copy of the same mask will always be a little different, because they are all made by hand.


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