Little owl (4.3in)
  • Little owl (4.3in)
  • Little owl (4.3in)
  • Little owl (4.3in)
  • Little owl (4.3in)

Little owl (4.3in)

Entirely handmade, modeled, caged, etched and coloured with ceramic Varnishes on effects and ceramic varnishes. It was created following the ancient Technics of the traditional Ceramic from Grottaglie.

Polychrome little owl made according to the ancient tradition of Grottaglie ceramics.


Moulded with a lathe, is then shaped and covered with small feathers applied individually to reproduce the plumage. The wings, with their concise and stylized shape, are placed carefully on the object like shields, recalling the symbolism of the protection of the house.


The object thus molded is subsequently coated by an engobe (light color clay), and then engraved with various decorations on the wings and on the face. Dried and fired a first time, it is now ready to be glazed and colored with enamels and various colored paints.


Once again put in the oven, enamels merge and become the bright and shiny covering that characterize our ceramics.

Materials: Ceramic majolica


Weight: 500 g (0,71 pounds)


Dimensions: 11x10x10 cm (4,33x3,93x3,93 inches)


Unique piece - reproducible in 20 days*


*Reproduction very similar but never identical, because it is the result of manual labor.


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