Little owls (3in)
  • Little owls (3in)
  • Little owls (3in)

Little owls (3in)

Small ceramic owls modeled and painted by hand. Height 8cm approx.

The polychrome Owl: is the Symbol of Wisdom and Knowledge. In the Middleage Students used to do their Exams carryng on them Amulets with the Shape of the Owl. Besides giving good Luck, Owls can also be a synonymous of Protection.

Totally handmade, the Object is modelled and caged with the Etched-technic, coloured with ceramic Varnishes on Effects and ceramic Varnishes. Created according to the traditional Technics passed on from Grottaglie Tradition, this Artifact is enriched with new decorative Expressions and Technics of the present Production.

Material: ceramic;

Height: approx 8cm/3in;

Reproducible within about 15 days. The item may differ from the picture for some details, because it is the result of manual craftsmanship.


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