Louis Menu holder
  • Louis Menu holder
  • Louis Menu holder
  • Louis Menu holder

Louis Menu holder

A menu holder for restaurants, pubs or bars. Completely made of birch wood. Decorated with special paints.

The Menu holder for restaurants and clubs created by our laboratory has been designed to give more visibility to the restaurant itself. Place it outside the club, thanks to its unique and original line it will attract the attention of passersby.


Its structure is made entirely of birch wood and decorated with high quality paints, to make it resistant with the passage of time. The base is ballasted to give more stability, making it an excellent support but at the same time easy to move from one place to another (you can also request a base with wheels).


The menu table is covered with 3 mm magnetized plexiglas, to protect it from the sun, wind and water.


The menu holder by ArturDesign, from time to time, also volunteer himself to some selfies, for the fun of passers-by and customers themselves, thanks to its distinct and professional appearance. 

What to say more: a menu holder is a gem for any place. 

Materials: wood;
Dimensions: 150 x 30 x 50 cm;
Weight: 13 Kg. 

Reproducible within 28 days. Every new item will always have some slight differencies due to the manual work. Can be customized in colors, send us an email for more info.



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