Louis table empty pockets
  • Louis table empty pockets
  • Louis table empty pockets
  • Louis table empty pockets

Louis table empty pockets

Multifunctional table with an artistic line. Art and design in a single object. Functional, practical and unique. All done by hand. Hand-painted wooden frame.

The table-empty pockets Monsieur Louis is a true butler at your service, to be used in many ways, thanks to its versatility. At the entrance, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the living room, our Monsieur Louis will always be useful in every situation.


Its structure, made of birch wood, makes this product robust and balanced, and above all easy to place (you can also request a base with wheels).


Like all our products, Monsieur Louis is also handmade and decorated with high quality enamels. The decoration is done by hand with a brush, like a real painting.


Original and useful ideas, so that your purchase lasts forever. Making an object with good design and personable is not enough for us: it must be functional!This is our philosophy.


Unique accessories, exclusively made in Italy.
By ArturDesign.

Materials: birch wood;
Dimensions: 115 x 30 x 50 cm;
Weight: 9 Kg.

Reproducible within 28 days. Every new item will always have some slight differencies due to the manual work. Can be customized in colors, send us an email for more info.


  1. Price:
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