Luxury Gold bracelet
  • Luxury Gold bracelet
  • Luxury Gold bracelet
  • Luxury Gold bracelet
  • Luxury Gold bracelet
  • Luxury Gold bracelet
  • Luxury Gold bracelet

Luxury Gold bracelet

Bracelet in 18kt gold plated 925% silver, with polished finish and fire enamel and central ring in brass. Made by Idioma Erotic Jewels of Pescara.

Idioma was born from the search for a perfect combination of sensuality, eros and elegance. A spicy and original collection that links fashion eroticism in an indissoluble way.

These are not simple design objects, but refined jewels that adorn the body and, if necessary, intensify sexual pleasure. Sophisticated, disturbing and ironic accessories, our erotic jewels are made of noble and precious materials.

All the pieces, of Italian manufacture, are characterized by the elegant design carefully studied to conceal their dual use, in a unique and never ostentatious way. An innovative approach to sensuality, eroticism and sexuality.

Every detail of the Idioma collection was created, edited and studied by Women for Women by Fulvia and Elisabetta two thirty-year-olds looking for new stimuli, new experiences and new challenges.



Manufacturing: 100% Made in Italy

Materials: Silver, Brass;

Dimensions: diameter of 6 cm, while the opening at the top between the drops measures 2.5 cm (can be adjustable). Central ring supplied for each bracelet in three sizes: 35/40/45 mm.

Weight: 58g


Reproducible in 30 working days


The real article may differ from photography in some details, because it is the result of the craftsman's manual work.


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