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Monaco pair


Bright table sculptures made from a single block of limestone from Valle d'Itria, mined, worked and polished entirely by hand using custom-made tools. Lighting led strip embedded in the stone.

The two lamps are part of the "Monaci" collection, which includes all unique specimens of similar size and shape, but each one characterized by its specific sinuous line that gives different effects and projections of light.
These are two "similar" works, but not identical, since they are made entirely by hand by single blocks of stone sculpted with techniques and tools of the tradition of stonemasons.
Its particular line makes it ideal for lighting desks, creating suggestive atmospheres in angular position that enhance the projection of light on the walls, and if used in pairs are perfect as bedside lamps.
Fruit of a design that evolves only in the mind of the author according to what the stone suggests to him with its peculiarities.
Electrical system with led strips embedded in the stone.

Materials: limestone;
Dimensions (single lamp): 34 cm x 14 cm x 18 cm
Weight (single lamp): 5,7 Kg.

Also sold individually. Reproducible in a week, with the differences due to manual processing and the characteristics of the raw material. Customizable in shapes and sizes.


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    €433.00 Cuore Paris
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    €490.00 Applique Dragonfly
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    €525.00 Monaco big


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