"NAIF" fabric masks
  • "NAIF" fabric masks
  • "NAIF" fabric masks
  • "NAIF" fabric masks
  • "NAIF" fabric masks
  • "NAIF" fabric masks
  • "NAIF" fabric masks

"NAIF" fabric masks

Fabric masks, simple, artistic and embroidered in certified fabric, with TNT filter. Made by Naif di Maria Domenica Cicolini from Orsogna (CH) and sold in packs of 3 masks and 15 TNT filters.

Naif di Maria Domenica Cicolini of Orsogna (CH) is a 360-degree tailor's shop which, in addition to the activity now consolidated for years of tailor-made clothing and repairs, is also haberdashery, fabric shop, creative haberdashery and educational space, offering creative workshops and courses.

The products presented are characterized by a lively and lively style, dedicated to all women with an edge.

The masks are made of fabric, 100% cotton (certified), washable up to 60 degrees; have an interchangeable internal filter to extend their use without replacing the entire mask.

Each mask will already be distributed with 5 TNT filters supplied, so a total of 15 filters being 3 masks included. Subsequently the filters can be purchased in sachets of 10.

The masks have a comfortable shape to the different types of face for a right mix of comfort, protection and safety suitable for both adults and children.

** These reusable fabric masks are not medical devices or personal protective equipment



Processing: Made entirely by hand;

Materials: Fabric (100% cotton), elastic + 5 TNT filters;

Dimensions: size: XS - S - M - L (communicate in the appropriate box during the purchase);

Weight: 20g


Reproducible in about 7 days.

The purchased item may differ from the photograph in some small details because it is the result of manual work.


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