Nativity “fuocata”
  • Nativity “fuocata”
  • Nativity “fuocata”
  • Nativity “fuocata”

Nativity “fuocata”

The meeting with the imaginary of the Lecce’s craftsman in the papier mâché, led him to create a unique and great value item.

The "Fuocato touch" is used to demonstrate the common and special side of every birth, although this is very special, emphasizing the expression of the Lecce’s Baroque.

Material: earthenware and Papier-mache

Dimensions: cm 45 height x 251 x 22 depth

Inches: 17.71650 height x 98.81870 x 8.66140 depth

Weight: 1 kilo.

Pound: 2.2046 lb

Single piece reproducible in 30 days, never identical. 


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