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Icon Madonna and Child "Odigitria". Work created in Franco Di Virgilio's Art Workshop in Casacanditella (CH).

The Madonna Odigitria, Odighítria, or also Odegétria (from the Byzantine Greek Oδηγήτρια, the one who leads, showing the direction, composed of ὁδός "way" and ἄγω, ἡγέομαι "lead, lead"), otherwise also known as Virgin Hodegetria, and Madonna dell 'Itria ("Itria" is a corruption of "Odigitria"), is a type of Christian iconography widespread in particular in Byzantine and Russian art of the medieval period.


The iconography consists of the Madonna holding the Child Jesus in her arms, seated in a blessing act, holding a rolled parchment in her hand and which the Virgin indicates with her right hand (hence the origin of the epithet).



Processing: Panel painting with 22 kt gold leaf;


Materials: Wood, bologna plaster, animal glue, egg yolk and 22 k.ti gold leaf;


Dimensions: 37.5 cm x 55 cm;


Weight: about 2 kg



Reproducible in about 30 days.


The real article may differ from the photograph in some details and in the pictorial decoration because it is the result of manual work.


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