"Orbits" sculpture
  • "Orbits" sculpture
  • "Orbits" sculpture
  • "Orbits" sculpture

"Orbits" sculpture

Wooden sculpture "Orbite", made by Walter Zuccarini - "La casa per le arti" of Chieti.

Walter Zuccarini's art was born from the synthesis between the deep knowledge of ancient art techniques, transmitted for four generations, and the search for an expressive language suitable to convey a spiritual vision of reality in which the vertical existential dimension crosses the horizon of history.


His research, done with humility, sacrifice and truth, is enriched by a sense of gratitude and veneration for every form of life. Nature, inspiring muse, felt as an earthly manifestation of the spirit, connects her artistic path to the ecological movements that in the 1960s formalized the Land art movement and to Joseph Beyus' work in defense of Nature.


Walter Zuccarini, sculptor, master of wood, restorer, teacher of applied arts, is today director of the laboratory of applied arts “La Casa per le Arti” in Chieti.


The cultural association “La Casa per le Arti” was created with the aim of promoting artistic activity understood as a conscious inner experience in harmony with Nature and in harmony with Life.



Processing: Hand sculpted;


Materials: Wood;


Dimensions: base Ø 22 cm; h 172 cm;


Weight: 40Kg





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