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The silver Pelican Pendant is made by the goldsmith Giuseppe Paludi from Chieti who for years with passion and skill has been creating his personal jewels with an accurate design. (Includes chain)

The Pelican symbol of pity, love and charity for others. This symbolism derives from the fact that the female feeds the young by crushing the fish that she keeps to macerate in the membranous pouch that hangs from the lower jaw, then presses the beak against the chest and lets out the food.

The impression obtained is that the breast is pierced to let out the blood with which it feeds the young, and this image became legendary, also becoming the symbol of Christ who sheds blood for the redemption of men.



Manufacturing: Handcrafted, lost wax technique.

Materials: 925/00 silver;

Dimensions: Pelican 4.5 x 4 cm - Chain length 36 cm

Weight: 13g


Reproducible in 30 working days


The real article may differ from photography in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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