Plate  dec. Floreal
  • Plate  dec. Floreal
  • Plate  dec. Floreal
  • Plate  dec. Floreal

Plate dec. Floreal

Centinato plate with flap. Bichromatic decoration with floral motifs. Made by Ceramiche Artistiche Tasca di Tasca Giovannina
Centinato plate with flap Bichromatic decoration with floral garland motifs in olive green and carmine red flowers in the central round. Green threads.

The artefact is made by the skilled hands of the master craftsman Giovannina Tasca who creates only unique "signed" pieces characterized not only by the typical and traditional decorations of the Rapino majolica.

The personal impression process is strictly handcrafted, in the spirit of the handmade as it once was.

Processing: The production cycle is typical of Maiolica, in which the raw material is refined clay, this after forming is "biscuit" with first firing at 970 ° C, then it is glazed, decorated with a brush and then finished with the second vitrification firing at 900 ° C.



Processing: Hand-forged clay, fired at high temperatures and subsequently hand-painted

Materials: Ceramic (Clay and Enamels);

Dimensions: Ø Cm 22

Weight: 0.8 kg approx

Reproducible in about 30 days.

The real article may differ from photography in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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