Psykter stoneware vase
  • Psykter stoneware vase
  • Psykter stoneware vase
  • Psykter stoneware vase

Psykter stoneware vase

Stoneware vase with side handles, the color varies from blue gray to lavender; made in the laboratory of the ceramicist Domenico Guardiani of Pescara.

The laboratory has the materials and equipment to create handcrafted ceramics in majolica, stoneware and fine porcelain. All the ceramics are worked on the lathe and painted by hand without the use of semi-finished products or molds.

The glazes used are handcrafted and are the result of long research on the studies of the major ceramic laboratories internationally.

The research carried out by the laboratory includes the study of ancient ceramic manufacturing and decoration techniques but also innovation and alchemical experimentation of glazes, shapes and surfaces.

Among the most fascinating productions of the laboratory there are the "marbled" ceramics, made with stoneware mixes of different colors worked on the lathe and the glazed ceramics with paints that produce spectacular crystallizations in cooking.



Processing: Hand-forged clay, fired at high temperatures and subsequently hand-painted

Materials: Ceramic (Clay and Enamels);

Dimensions: Ø 13.5 cm - h 17 cm

Weight: about 1 kg

Reproducible in about 30 days.

The real article may differ from photography in some details, because it is the result of the craftsman's manual work.


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