Pumo The Kiss
  • Pumo The Kiss
  • Pumo The Kiss
  • Pumo The Kiss
  • Pumo The Kiss
  • Pumo The Kiss

Pumo The Kiss

Small Pumo typical of Apulian tradition, handcrafted, glazed and hand-painted on two sides.

The Pumo is an article of ceramic which identifies itself with the rosebud that is going to blossom to symbolize the new that born.


In this case, the craftsman wanted to bring innovation in those that are the most traditional techniques, enriching the product with the depiction of the opera "The Kiss" by the artist Klimt.


Considered a good omen, it is a lucky charm widespread in Apulia especially in Grottaglie (TA), where it is used as an ornamental of balconies and eaves.


It is usual to give it as a good omen for those who live in a new house or starting a new business.

Material: Ceramic and glazes


Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm h (5.91 inches diameter x 8.27 inches h )


Weight: 1,5 Kg (3,31 lb)


Unique piece - reproducible in 60 days*


*Reproduction very similar but never identical, because it is the result of manual labor.


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