Rosette box
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  • Rosette box
  • Rosette box
  • Rosette box
  • Rosette box

Rosette box

Stone jewelery box with Rose window decoration, made by Bottega della Pietra di Aceto and Nicolai in Turrivalignani (PE).

Aceto Franco, owner of the company "Bottega della Pietra", son and grandson of a stonemason, has inherited the experience and love for this noble material which is stone.


The company is located at the foot of the Maiella, exactly in Lettomanoppello, a municipality that in 2010 received the recognition of "City of Stone".


Today as before, the company shapes the stone with creativity and professionalism to create finished elements of architecture and interior and exterior furnishings.


Each product is made with a focus on handwork, thus guaranteeing the exclusivity of the items.



Processing: Handicraft and mechanical realization;


Materials: Majella stone;


Dimensions: Cm 13X13,5 - h Cm 10;


Weight: 2 Kg



Reproducible in about 20 days.


The real article may differ from the photograph in some details because it is the result of manual work.


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