Sand Flakes Bottle (Single Piece)
  • Sand Flakes Bottle (Single Piece)
  • Sand Flakes Bottle (Single Piece)
  • Sand Flakes Bottle (Single Piece)

Sand Flakes Bottle (Single Piece)

Modern furnishing vase with low belly, with sand-colored flocked effects. The Artifact was created by the Ceramiche d’Arte Liberati - Villamagna (CH).

The product was created by the Liberati Ceramiche d'Arte company which was born in 1980 in Villamagna (province of Chieti- Abruzzo), and boasts a very varied production that ranges from a single piece to a series product, tradition and innovation go hand in hand, with the aim of always achieving the highest quality in all objects produced.

For the creation of unique pieces, he uses enamels of his own composition which are often enriched with crystals, 3rd-fire interventions with pure gold, platinum and / or metallic luster, raku technique and recycled materials. All objects are made on site with skilled labor; modern manufacturing techniques and high quality materials are the guarantee of an article of fine manufacture and artistic depth.



Processing: Hand-forged clay, fired at high temperatures and subsequently hand-painted

Materials: Ceramic (Clay and Enamels);

Dimensions: Ø Cm 17 - h 22 cm

Weight: about 1 kg

SINGLE PIECE Not reproducible


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