Sauvage Sling Bag
  • Sauvage Sling Bag
  • Sauvage Sling Bag
  • Sauvage Sling Bag
  • Sauvage Sling Bag
  • Sauvage Sling Bag

Sauvage Sling Bag

Genuine Leather Sauvage Sling Bag 2 positions

Genuine Sauvage Leather Sling Bag 2 positions


This Genuine Sauvage leather crossbody bag is ideal for city life.


Super soft!

Its size is more than enough for a half-liter bottle and many other personal effects like spectacle case, wallet, telephone, keys, and even a small umbrella.

There's a big pocket inside, suitable for last generation smartphones and lining is piped along all edges.


The main zipper has a double cursor and there are two zippered pockets more: one on front and one on the back.       

The rear pocket is useful because it's always in contact with your body.


There are 4 ways to wear this product: on the front left+right shoulder and on the back left+right shoulder.

The shoulder belt is adjustable and ends with a snap hook. In this way, you will choose the shoulder you prefer.


Wearing it on the front (recommended use) you will have all of your things literally and constantly under your eyes.


Metal parts in the antic brass finish.


Original made in Florence (Italy).


Available in black and brown colors.



L x H x P (cm) 17 x 42 x 5

W x H x D (in) 6.69 x 16.54 x 1.97

Material: Genuine Leather, Fabric, Metal, Plastic;
Dimension: 17 x 42 x 5 cm;
Weight: 745g
Article reproduced in 30 days. Reproduction can; defer for some details, because the result of manual craftsmanship.


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