"Sheep Bank" - Dora
  • "Sheep Bank" - Dora
  • "Sheep Bank" - Dora
  • "Sheep Bank" - Dora

"Sheep Bank" - Dora

Ceramic piggy bank, enamelled and completed with a removable head (use cap). Made by the Abruzzese Arago Design studio in Pescara.

Ceramic piggy bank, completed with removable head (use cap). Pecunia, or money, comes from the Latin pecus, sheep.


The SalvaPecunia by Arago Design (Pescara), brings back the mild animal protagonist of a thousand stories, to the richness of which it is historically the bearer.


Thus the piggy bank is reborn, which, with the addition of cultural references, increases its symbolic value, until it becomes a coherent symbol.


The piggy bank is dedicated to one of the typical animals of the Abruzzo mountains.



Processing: Glazed cast terracotta and coated with 22 carat gold reflections;

Materials: Glazed terracotta, 22 carat gold reflections, cork;

Dimensions: Cm 30 x 12 x 20;

Weight: 1,5 Kg 



Reproducible in 7 working days


The real article may differ from the photograph in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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