Shield ring
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  • Shield ring
  • Shield ring

Shield ring

925 silver "Shield" ring handmade by the Goldsmith laboratory of ArteateBianco di Chieti.

The shield is a very ancient symbolic icon, it was born as a symbol of positivity and features spiritual protection and strength of mind. This ring is therefore full of positive energy.

The decoration we have created represents the tree of life, a strong symbol of solidity, wealth and bond with life. An original and particular jewel in its elegance to always carry with you or give to someone you particularly care about. A ring suitable for both men and women.

ArteateBianco was born from the collaboration of the two Abruzzese master goldsmiths Francesco Bianco and Lara Di Luzio, who have been able to combine their work and their artistic skills giving life to a line of jewels that draws on the ancient goldsmith tradition of Abruzzo but alongside the stylistic canons of fashion current.



Manufacturing: Made by hand;

Materials: 925 silver, nickel free, cadmium free;

Size: 20

Weight: about 12 g

Reproducible in about 20 days.

The real article may differ from photography in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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