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Sitting Stones

Handcrafted in Lecce’s stone. Entirely hand-made without the use of machinery but only with hammer and various types of chisels, rasps and sand paper.

Sitting Stones comes from the study of Salento and in particular the delicate dynamics of adaptation of forms in space.

The work is entirely handmade in Lecce’s stone. This makes each piece unique and original.

The object, which is derived from the precise work of a single block of stone, decorate the rooms with a warm glow.


Lecce’s stone


Height 50 cm (19.69 inches), width 37 cm (14.57 inches) depth 27 cm (10.63 inches)


10/15 Kg (22,05/33,07 lb)

Reproducible never the same, because the result of craftsmanship, in 20 days, even in larger sizes on request.

The price varies according to the size required.


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