"Slabbrato" Vase
  • "Slabbrato" Vase
  • "Slabbrato" Vase
  • "Slabbrato" Vase
  • "Slabbrato" Vase
  • "Slabbrato" Vase

"Slabbrato" Vase

Flower vase with Third Heaven decoration. Made by Ceramica d'Arte Di Silvestre Dina by Di Simone Errico - Castelli (Te)

The artefact was created by the Di Silvestre Dina company and has been operating in the sector since 1968, and produces artistic ceramics according to the centuries-old tradition of Castelli.

Its production offers a great variety of choices and includes both furnishing ceramics and objects of use.

All stages of processing are performed by highly skilled labor, distinguishing themselves both for the quality of the decorations and for the originality and quality of the design.

This decorative motif is inextricably linked to the so-called "Third Heaven of Castles" created by the art school "Francesco Grue" who in 1954 was invited to participate in the 10th Triennale dell'Artigianato in Milan: the picassian memory representations continue in a contemporary key. two majolica brick skies from the 16th-17th centuries which decorate the ceiling of the church of San Donato in the Teramo village.



Processing: Hand-forged clay, fired at high temperatures and subsequently hand-painted

Materials: Ceramic (Clay and Enamels);

Dimensions: Ø 32 cm - h 14 cm

Weight: 1.5 kg approx

Reproducible in about 15 days.

The real article may differ from photography in some details, because it is the result of the manual work of the craftsman.


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