"Tablet" long earring
  • "Tablet" long earring
  • "Tablet" long earring
  • "Tablet" long earring

"Tablet" long earring

Asymmetrical "Tablet" earrmade ofgs
Pair of Murano glass earrings worked by light. Witty accessory consisting of two different earrings in shape and size; the first with a lobe micro-shot, the second with a long-necked "Pastiglia" pearl. The pearls are worked with yellow / orange glass. The long earring has a PVC thread and a small steel cube that recall the bracelet of the same "Pastiglia" line; in addition also the round neck. The pins are made of nickel-free steel.
Materials: Murano glass, lampworking technique;
Dimensions: earlobe bead 8 mm, earring lenght 7 cm

Reproducible within 7 days. Every little imperfection or difference should be considered as proof of authenticity.


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