Tidy tray Bean
  • Tidy tray Bean
  • Tidy tray Bean

Tidy tray Bean

Empty tray Bean in marble, duality between machine and man.

Tidy tray Bean not only to enrich our furniture, but to free ourselves from small objects or coins that we often leave in our pockets. Available in four different types of material: Carrara Marble, Custonaci Marble (or Nerello), Travertine and Billiemi gray Marble.

Materials: marble;
Dimensions: 28,5 x 18 x 4,5 cm;
Weight: 1,5Kg circa.

Article reproduced in 15 days. The object may have some minor differences due to manual processing.


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  2. Tidi tray Circuit
    €119.00 Tidi tray Circuit
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