Tray / Centerpiece "Stemma Spiccano"
  • Tray / Centerpiece "Stemma Spiccano"
  • Tray / Centerpiece "Stemma Spiccano"
  • Tray / Centerpiece "Stemma Spiccano"
  • Tray / Centerpiece "Stemma Spiccano"
  • Tray / Centerpiece "Stemma Spiccano"
  • Tray / Centerpiece "Stemma Spiccano"

Tray / Centerpiece "Stemma Spiccano"

The "Stemma-Spicciano" tray is a large prestigious ceramic plate with an intimate religious essence. Finely decorated by hand, it features a large central coat of arms representing the Religions: Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

The Stemma-Spicciano tray is a large ceramic centerpiece, of prestige and of intimate religious essence.

The centerpiece is finely decorated by hand in Florentine ceramic by skilled Tuscan artisans, with a large coat of arms representing the union of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions.

The centerpiece is designed to be hung and thus become an artistic motif for a particular wall of the house.

The Spicciano Coat of Arms is a symbol of peace and brotherhood, of union between the Monotheistic creeds. The original of the coat of arms, in sandstone *, was placed on the portal of villa Orlandi (villa di Spicciano) in the early 1800s and is a unique example in the world.

The coat of arms is also being studied in historical research on the village of Spicciano (Centro Documantazione Storica Val di Bisenzio). The Coat of Arms is an important example of the "Ecumenist Creed" which had been spread by numerous Franciscan missionaries in Europe and America (among them, Ramon Llull and Junipero Serra **). In the coat of arms we find the two bells representing Christianity, the six-pointed star symbol of Judaism and the crescent, symbol of the Muslim religion.

* the interpretation of the colors is an artistic graphic by Roberto Casati_design.

** most of the Californian cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, arose around the Missions founded by Junipero Serra.

The painting is done freehand, without preparatory cartoons and this determines various differences, due to the whimsy of the decorator. The uniqueness of the coat of arms, the decorator's inspiration and dedication to the buyer, make each piece "unique".

The name of the buyer is printed on each tray. On each tray is signed on the back with: Roberto Casati_design per ... (name of the buyer and date) "Handmade in Tuscany"



Processing: handcrafted article;

Materials: Ceramic and ceramic glazes;

Dimensions: diameter 42-44 cm - h 7 cm;

Weight: 2,5 Kg


Reproducible in about 10 days.

The real article may differ from the photograph in some details because it is the result of manual work.


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