Venturi Gift Set n.3
  • Venturi Gift Set n.3
  • Venturi Gift Set n.3
  • Venturi Gift Set n.3

Venturi Gift Set n.3

Business card holder with pocket and lace closure (holds 10 envelopes) + Bag mirror holder (mirror included) + pen holder. Handcrafted by Venturi - Pelletteria di Ranieri Luca in San Martino sulla Marrucina (CH).

Credit-card holder (lace closure). Interior with pocket. Contains 10 envelopes. Bag mirror holder (mirror included) plus bag mechanical pencil.

The artifacts are made by Venturi Pelletteria in San Martino sulla Marrucina (CH), a company specializing in the design and customization of products with a high aesthetic and functional value typical of Made in Italy.

Colors: White, Red, Orange.



Processing: artisanal;

Material: leather;


Credit card holder: 16 cm (open); cm 8 (closed); h cm 10.

Mirror holder: Ø 8.5 cm;

Mechanical pencil: 11 x 2.5 cm;


Credit card holder: Gr 50;

Mirror holder: Gr 50;

Mechanical pencil with pen: Gr 35


Reproducible in about 10 days.

The purchased item may differ from the photograph in some small details because it is the result of manual work.


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