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Wallet Lallo

Lallo purse looks like a small clutch. Spacious, stylish and practical. You can even customize it with your own name.

Each item is a unique piece created by the union of craftsmanship and fashion, eco-friendly, innovative and lightweight thanks to the 3 mm thickness of the wood veneer.

The roundness arise from a special paste of the multilayer wood. Longevity is ensured by a coating in lacquer, oil or wax.

Embawo only uses certified wood and genuine Italian leather.

Entirely made by hand in Italy.

Materials: Wood and leather (essences: apple, walnut, olive, rosewood)

Dimensions: 20 cm height (7.87 iches) x 8,5 cm width (3.35 inches) x 2 cm depth (0.79 inches)

Weight: 0.3 kg (0.66 lb)

Reproducible* in 10 days from the request in different colors and small modifications.

*The reproduction will never be the same because result of manual labor and material recovery, small parts may vary.


  1. Bag Benedetta
    €530.60 Bag Benedetta
  2. Bag Laura
    €215.00 Bag Laura


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