White Nativity
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  • White Nativity
  • White Nativity

White Nativity

Artwork sacred, three statues of crib in Lecce’s terracotta and papier-mâché, located on the same basis only, representing St Joseph, Jesus and the Virgin Mary, wrapped in white robes.

The meeting with the imaginary of the Lecce’s craftsman in the papier mache led him to create a unique and great value item.

The "touch" in "White / Yellow" emphasizes figures of light, life, love, and above all the change that “His coming into the world” entails for the entire world.

Material: Papier mache and Terracotta

Dimensions: cm 20 x height 301 x 20 depth

Inches: 20 Centimetri = 7.87400 height x 118.50370 x 118.50370 depth

Weight: 1 kilo.

Pound: 2.2046 lb


Single piece reproducible in 30 days, never identical.


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