ZoO photo frame
  • ZoO photo frame
  • ZoO photo frame
  • ZoO photo frame
  • ZoO photo frame
  • ZoO photo frame

ZoO photo frame

Photo frame made of powder coated iron. Elephant. Made by the architecture and design studio "Microstudio" of Fabrizio Susi.

Microstudio is a self-produced design brand that was founded in 2011 to distribute the articles designed by the architecture and design studio Microstudio.


Bringing totally made in Italy design objects to the market was the idea around which the collaboration between three friends and colleagues was born, who for years have been working side by side with companies and artisans in the Abruzzo and Marche regions to realize their ideas.


Microstudio is currently configured as a real collector that puts into a system realities that until now had never ventured with the creation of design products that fully embrace the project and allow the development of new products by challenging their knowledge and experimenting new working techniques.


Thus each Microstudio product becomes an expression of the synthesis between the idea, traditional techniques and the ability to use the available technologies in an alternative way.



Processing: Laser cutting, powder coating and 3d printing;


Materials: Iron;


Dimensions: 6 x 16 x 15.5 cm;


Weight: 183 g



Reproducible in about 10 days.


The real article may differ from the photograph in some details because it is the result of manual work.


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